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About the Artist

Rosamund Lowrey (Ros)

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I have exhibited in UK, USA and in Auckland, New Zealand and some of my earlier work is now in the Brighton Museum in Sussex, England.

I have also sold porcelain nightlights and Jewellery in Auckland craft events.


I have participated in a number of Auckland and Wellington Art Fairs and had solo exhibitions at Lopdell House Upstairs Gallery and Uxbridge Art Centre.

My work is in a number of small Galleries in North Island New Zealand with the list link here.

I was born and raised on the very edge of suburbia in South London, England where the houses meet the woods and fields. I gained an Honours degree in Art, Design and Education from Birmingham University, focusing on Textile Design and Illustration.


After starting work in a pottery and then teaching Art in East Sussex, I met a 'Kiwi' and set off to travel the world with him. Eventually we ended up  in New Zealand and stayed as I loved the outdoor lifestyle. Presently I am living in Mount Eden, Auckland with my ‘Kiwi' husband, while my two grown up daughters are not that far away.

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My father was a watercolourist who taught me many skills with further encouragement being provided by my supportive mother. So I’ve been focused on painting, craft and design from a young age. Throughout my childhood there was always an art project ‘happening’ on the dining table - which naturally provided ‘some discussion’ when having to remove it at meal times! 

Two tuis on blue china ( sold )

I have also illustrated and sold greetings card designs both in England and New Zealand. Earlier in my career I designed and made porcelain children’s nightlights; printed textiles; ran pottery classes; made 3D historic rooms using drawn and mixed media and also created porcelain jewellery, brooches and necklaces. 


​Originally I worked mainly in watercolour, but now I often use oils as well. My etchings are produced on my own press in my home studio. My artwork often offers a social commentary on New Zealand and its colonial past, sometimes with particular reference to endangered or extinct birds and other native wild life. The inspiration for my ‘still life’ images comes from historic interiors and an eclectic mix of miscellaneous objects and images collected while travelling.


I  am now a full time artist after leaving a long and successful career running a Secondary Arts Faculty and teaching  Art and Design in Auckland.


* My maiden name was Rosamund H R Wynne which I sometimes have used on my art.

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